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    Immigration Appeal Services

    Undeclared Family Members Sponsorship

    Sponsorship Appeals

    Where a Canadian citizen or permanent resident has attempted to sponsor a family member, spouse or common-law partner and the application was rejected by the Immigration authorities, an appeal may be made to the IAD within 30 days of receipt of the refusal letter.

    Residency Appeals

    Residency Appeals

    Canadian permanent residents who have been found not to have met the residency requirement of being in Canada for 2 years out of 5, and have lost their permanent residence as a result, can appeal the negative decision to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) within 60 days of the decision.

    Federal Court Appeals

    The types of decisions that are often appealed to the Federal Court include any kind of refused visa application, permanent residence applications like the Express Entry, or temporary residence applications like work permits, study permits, or visitor visa applications. These can be appealed with 15 days for decisions made in Canada and 60 days for decisions outside Canada.

    Removal Order Appeals

    Mandamus Appeals

    An example of where you can do a mandamus appeal is if the immigration authority is delaying the processing of your immigration application for no good reason. Our office can help you to bring a mandamus appeal to the Federal Court, asking the court to order the immigration authority to fast-track the processing of the application.
    Refugee Appeals

    Refugee Appeals

    People who made refugee claims in Canada and had their case rejected can, in some cases, appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD). The RAD will review the evidence and either remit the case back to the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) for re-determination or substitute it with their own decision.

    Citizenship Appeals (Including Revocation)

    Permanent residents who applied for Canadian citizenship and were rejected or have had their Canadian citizenship revoked through certain circumstances can respond or appeal the negative decision to the citizenship authorities.

    We Specialize in Complex Cases

    The immigration authorities can reject your application for several reasons. They may reject an application if the information presented is perceived to be untrue or the applicant did not meet the minimum requirements.

    A lawyer can help to streamline the technical process of dealing with an appeal. Each appeal division has its own rules and procedures which must be followed. An immigration attorney will not only provide the best legal advice but also help in preparing all the documentation required during your case. Hiring an immigration lawyer can help to enhance your chances of a successful outcome.

    Here’s how we can help you:

    The Immigration Law Firm of Matthew Jeffery has over 20 years of experience and specializes in handling immigration appeals with high success rates. Fill out our FREE Appeals Assessment form to see if we are able to assist you with your immigration appeal. 

    Other Types of Appeals

    Humanitarian Applications

    Making an application on humanitarian & compassionate grounds allows an applicant to request the immigration authorities to waive the usual requirement to apply for permanent residence through one of the standard immigration categories.

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    Fairness Letters

    If you receive a procedural fairness letter in Ontario, it’s important to submit a detailed and accurate report that summarizes all the critical arguments of your case. A strong and well-thought argument can lead to a more favourable decision by the IRCC.

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    Removal Order Appeals

    If a permanent resident has been found to be inadmissible for criminality, misrepresentation, or other immigration offences, and is ordered to be removed from Canada. The permanent resident may appeal the decision to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) within 30 days.

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    Immigration Appeal Success Stories

    Immigration Appeal client

    I used Matthew Jeffrey’s legal services for my husband’s appeal process and I am so glad I did! I wish I would have done this from the beginning of the sponsorship process but I’m happy I had the team on my side when it mattered. Absolutely professional, courteous and realistic (about options, upfront about costs and realistic total cost). They were by my side, advising me throughout my appeal process and hearing. Highly recommend!

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    Roxie I

    My appeal was approved today. I am so happy I chose Matthew Jeffery as my lawyer. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Matthew Jeffery to anyone who has a sponsorship appeal matter. He is very professional and a great person.
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    Aaron T

    Immigration Appeal client

    I am extremely pleased with Mr. Jeffery’s expert handling of my appeal to retain my permanent residence status for humanitarian and compassionate reasons. Mr. Jeffery was referred to me by a family friend who spoke very well of him. My case was not an easy one, but Mr. Jeffery skillfully presented its merits before the immigration board which subsequently decided in my favor. I can now join and live with my wife and children in Canada. My family and I are immensely grateful to Mr. Jeffery and his staff. They are very professional and experienced. We highly recommend Mr. Jeffery.

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    J M

    Immigration Appeal client

    A big Thanks to Mr Matthew Jeffery and his team for helping me appeal my wife's spousal sponsorship that was denied by visa office in Accra. The case against my wife was very complicated, It almost felt impossible. But today I can celebrate because through him and his team I won the case before the IAD. I am now expecting my wife and son to join me in Canada anytime soon.
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    Blessed O

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