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    Canadian citizens or permanent residents may sponsor certain close family members who are citizens of other countries to immigrate to Canada.

    Family Sponsorship Services

    Sponsor Spouse to Canada

    Spousal and Parter Sponsorship

    Spousal and common-law partner sponsorship is a two-step application in which the Canadian first applies to the government to be approved as a sponsor, then once that application is approved, the foreign spouse or partner applies for permanent residence on this basis. There are certain requirements that designate a partnership as common law.

    How to Sponsor Your Spouse or Partner

    Child Sponsorship

    Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their foreign-born dependent child or children to immigrate to Canada. A dependent child means a child under the age of 22 who is unmarried and not in a common-law relationship. The child may be your biological or adopted child.

    How to Sponsor Your Child
    Parental Sponsorship

    Parental Sponsorship

    Sponsored parents and grandparents will obtain permanent resident status, allowing them to live in Canada indefinitely, to work or study and access to social services such as medical care. A parental sponsorship application is a two-step process whereby the Canadian applies to be approved as a sponsor, then once this application is accepted, the foreign parents or grandparents apply for permanent residence on this basis.

    How to Sponsor Your Parents
    Undeclared Family Members Sponsorship

    Undeclared Family Members Sponsorship

    Family members include your spouse or common-law partner, any dependent children, and any dependent children of your dependent children (grandchildren). If you fail to provide information on or don’t disclose a family member on your application, they are considered ‘undeclared’.

    How to Sponsor Undeclared Family

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    The Immigration Law Firm of Matthew Jeffery has over 20 years of experience in re-uniting families in Canada. We specialize in handling all types of family immigration matters with high success rates. To see if you qualify for family sponsorship, fill out our FREE Sponsorship Assessment form. 

    Claudia P – Parental Sponsorship

    We were pleased to help Claudia appeal her case when Immigration failed to accept her father into Canada. Our team guided Claudia throughout the process, including helping her prepare the relevant paperwork, filing the appeal, and helping her prepare for the appointment. Mr. Matthew accompanies Claudia to the appeal in person. Claudia’s father was able to get Canadian residence status within one and a half years.