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Stand Up with Eva Longoria and the 5D Method

What is Stand Up?

Stand Up is a training program designed to help prevent street harassment and build safe, inclusive spaces for all, powered by L’Oréal Paris in partnership with the expert NGO, Right To Be. The program offers a proven set of tools to help people safely intervene when they are a victim or witness to harassment in public spaces.

Why are we standing up?

According to an IPSOS study conducted in 2019 about gender equality, sexual harassment in public spaces was identified as the most important issue facing women and girls across the world.

Indeed, street harassment robs women of their dignity, sense of security and feelings of self-worth, which goes against everything L’Oréal Paris stands for. That’s why it’s so important for us to stand up and help to combat this issue that affects us all .

Our commitment

L’Oréal Paris is committed to empowering individuals and helping them realize their worth. Our global Stand Up platform aims to create a culture of respect, dignity and worth by training 1 million people with the 5 D’s methodology. In partnership with Right to Be, we will facilitate live and virtual training sessions all year, with additional awareness programming during related events such as Anti-Street Harassment Week and International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Our Global Partner

L’Oréal Paris has established a global partnership with Right To Be, a recognized expert on street harassment. For more information about Right To Be, visit.

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Stand up with us

Join the Stand Up community now and help us combat street harassment by taking part in our digital training program here. In it, you will learn five different ways to safely intervene if you witness or experience street harassment. Take the training program and become an Upstander today.